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Japan's Forests with Breathtaking Views:
Selections from the Tourist Destinations in National Forest

Humans and animals have long been nurtured and protected by forests, playing an important role in our lives. Walking amongst the lush green of myriad trees; the gentle touch of nature's breeze: a fresh spark of inspiration and vitality awaits. Seventy percent of Japan is blessed by rich, green forests. The Forestry Agency is developing "Recreation Forests" at national forests around Japan, to give everyone the opportunity to get in touch with the best that nature has to offer. "Japan's Forests with Breathtaking Views" features a selection of the best forests that are definitely worth visiting.
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  • 新緑のポロト湖畔 新緑のポロト湖畔
  • 展望台から眺めるモーカケの滝 展望台から眺めるモーカケの滝
  • 男体山の紅葉 男体山の紅葉
  • 飛竜橋・夢の吊り橋下 飛竜橋・夢の吊り橋下
  • 飯縄山から望む戸隠連峰 飯縄山から望む戸隠連峰
  • 金勝寺本堂 金勝寺本堂
  • 東山南禅寺山門 東山南禅寺山門
  • ツリークライミング ツリークライミング
  • 御来光 御来光
  • ひょうたん淵 ひょうたん淵


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