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  • Geto Kogen Resort (ski area)
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  • Geto River waters, milky with carbonate minerals
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  • Geto Onsen
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  • Hakusanichige blooming near Mt. Yakeishi
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  • Fully enjoy powder snow
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  • Tengu Rock
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  • Mt. Yakeishi and Hakusanichige flowers
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  • Night skiing
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Geto Kogen Outdoor Sports Area (Geto Kogen Resort)
/ Geto Recreation Forest


Elevation Lowest: 350 m / Average: 600–1,050 m / Highest: 1,300 m

Forest blessed with heavy snow and well-known onsen that changes with the seasons,
from vibrant green verdure in the spring to the colorful leaves of autumn

Forest blessed with heavy snow and well-known onsen that changes with the seasons,
from vibrant green verdure in the spring to the colorful leaves of autumn

Newest information
Please visit official tourism websites for the latest updates and information.
Flower-viewing(species: Someiyoshino (Cerasus yedoensis) and others) : Kitakami Tenshochi Park (Outside the forest) Autumn leaf viewing (Includes surrounding area) Birdwatching (Includes surrounding area) Picnics (lawn area/park) (Outside the forest) Paddling / fishing (Outside the forest)(Payment required for use of facilities and participation in activities) Bicycle rental (Outside the forest) Guided tours (Payment required for use of facilities and participation in activities) Hands-on forestry / woodworking experience (Outside the forest) (Payment required for use of facilities and participation in activities) Ski resort (no. of trails: 5) : Geto Kogen Resort, Namari Onsen Ski Area (Includes surrounding area) Shrine / Temple : Chuson-ji Temple, Morioka Hachimangu Shrine (Outside the forest)
Geographical/topographical features
The Geto Recreation Forest occupies an area near the headwaters of the Geto River, which is part of the Kitakami River system. Peaks 1,100 to 1,500 m in elevation, including Mt. Komagatake, Mt. Ushigata and Mt. Kyozuka, (known as the Three Mountains of Geto) rise in the surroundings to form a part of the Yakeishi Mountain Range. Mt. Yakeishi, the main peak in the mountain range, is also nearby.
Historical/cultural features
Situated in the Geto Recreation Forest, Geto Onsen has been selected as one of Japan's best onsen. It is a secluded onsen that only operates for half the year. There are many stories about how the onsen was found. Some say that monk Jikaku Daishi, who built Mantoku-ji Temple on Mt. Kyozuka, found it, while others say that a traditional mountain hunter group called "matagi"―descendants of the Heike family―found a large white monkey bathing in the onsen. There are also many views about the origin of the name "Geto" (in Chinese characters the name literally means "summer oil"). Some say it is derived from "Gutto Oh" (a place near a cliff) in the Ainu language. Others say that the name relates to hot water that is only accessible in the summer, as the onsen is not available during the winter due to heavy snow. Still others say that the hot water looked like oil under the summer sun so the Chinese character for "hot water" later changed to that for "oil" (both of which have the same pronunciation: "to").
Climate, flora and fauna
This area is a snowy area with snowfalls up to 5 m deep, and cool, comfortable summers. The Geto Recreation Forest consists of planted Sugi (Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica)) and Karamatsu (Japanese larch (Larix kaempferi)) forests and natural broad-leaved forests consisting mainly of Buna (Japanese beech (Fagus crenata Blume)). Stands of Buna are distributed at elevations up to approximately 900 m, while dwarfed Dakekamba (Erman's birch (Betula ermanii)) can be seen in windswept areas along the ridgelines. Visitors can enjoy splendid views that change as the seasons pass: from the fresh verdure of Japanese beech and Mizunara (Japanese oak mizu-nara (Quercus crispula Blume)) in the spring to vivid valleys of multicolored maple (Acer) leaves in the autumn. Various alpine plants specific to northern Japan can be found in the surrounding mountains, including large communities of Hakusanichige (Anemone narcissiflora var. nipponica) and Hiogiayame (Iris setosa Pall. ex Link var. setosa) on Mt. Yakeishi and plants such as Kinugasaso (Paris japonica (Franch. et Sav.) Franch.) and Chishimafuro (Geranium erianthum).
Visitors to the Geto Kogen Resort can ski its excellent slopes, which are blessed with an abundance of perfect powdery snow in the winter. Festivalgoers at the Geto Kogen Verdure Festival in the spring can ride the gondola and see the beautiful contrast between the fresh green leaves and the remaining snow. The Geto Recreation Forest also has a trailhead leading to the mountains in the Yakeishi Mountain Range. All of these mountains are suitable for longer distance hikers, and offer a refreshing walk through the Japanese beech forest in addition to splendid views and attractive alpine plants along the ridgelines. Geto Onsen is often thronged with secluded hot spring seekers and hikers looking for a rewarding soak. You can also see a travertine by the Geto River adjacent to the hot spring. Officially named the Geto Onsen Travertine, it was formed by the deposition of calcium carbonate from the hot spring water and was nationally designated a special natural monument in 1957. A travertine dome commonly known as "Tengu Rock" is particularly large, with a height of about 17 m and a width of 25 m.
Latest Information
Information on temporarily unavailable facilities
The footpath leading to the Geto Onsen Travertine has recently been washed away by torrential rain and is currently impassible. (Please inquire of the Commerce and Tourism Division, Kitakami Municipal Office for details.)
Regular events of Geto Kogen Resort
Geto Verdure Festival (May)
Geto Kogen Autumn Leaves Festival (October)
Warnings (Dangerous areas)
Pref. Route 122 (Geto Onsen-Ezuriko Line): The road is narrow, so please drive carefully.
Usage Guide
Entrance fee
No fee is required for the Recreation Forest itself.
Please check the relevant facility websites for lift ticket prices and hot spring bathing fees.
Geto Kogen Resort [External link]
Motoyu Geto [External link]
Geto Onsen Kanko Hotel [External link]
Operating hours and seasons
Geto Kogen Resort:
Normally from early December through early May every year.
Geto Onsen:
Normally from early May through mid-November. (Please check the websites of the relevant facilities for details.)
Accommodation options
Geto Kogen Resort:
"Skiers Bed" within the ski area (reservation required)
Geto Recreation Forest:
Motoyu Geto, Geto Onsen Kanko Hotel (only during the operating season)
(Please inquire of the relevant facilities for details.)
Toilets Toilet (accessible) Walking trail Parking lot (Includes surrounding area) Observation platform Vending machine (Includes surrounding area) Shop (Includes surrounding area) Restaurant (Includes surrounding area) Campsite and/or cabins (Outside the forest) Free public wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) Resource center/Museum (Outside the forest) Cultural asset (nationally designated) (Includes surrounding area) Accommodation facilities (Hotels/Japanese inns)(Includes surrounding area) Hot Spring (Includes surrounding area)
Wagacho-Iwasaki-Shinden, Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture
(Distances and times are provided as a guide only)

Parking lot capacity / parking charges
  • - Geto Kogen Resort: Paved parking for 3,200 vehicles. When the ski area is operating, the Center Parking Lot requires a fee on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays and during the year-end/new-year period. Other general use parking lots are free throughout the year.
  • - Geto Recreation Forest: Free paved parking for 18 vehicles for hikers and 70 vehicles for onsen (hot spring) visitors
Nearby tourism facilities
  • About 60 minutes by car from the Geto Kogen Resort to Kitakami Tenshochi Park
Management office contact details
Iwate Nanbu District Forest Office
Information on Other Local Tourist Attractions
Geto Kogen Resort [External link]
Motoyu Geto [External link]
Geto Onsen Kanko Hotel [External link]
Official Tourist Information
Commerce and Tourism Division, Kitakami Municipal Office [External link]
Recreation Forest Management Committee
Geto Kogen Forest Multiple Use Area Management Committee
Within the Commerce and Tourism Division, Kitakami Municipal Office
TEL : 0197-64-2111(Main)

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