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Know before You Visit: General rules for visitors to National Forestvisitors

  1. Help protect wild animals and plants.When you bring your pets, please mind your manners and give consideration to the surrounding environment.
    As for Akasawa Recreation Forest, please refrain voluntarily from bringing your pets into the Forest to protect wild animals and plants and so as to prevent spread of exotic plants.

  2. Damaging trees or stealing any forest product is penalized by law. Even collecting plants covering the ground of forest are prohibited within protection forests designated by law.

  3. Do not enter the area beyond walking trails, or public squares. Please follow the rules for each Recreation Forest such as no camping outside the designated area.

  4. Do not enter the area with ‘No Entry’ or ‘Keep Out’ sign.

  5. When making a stop for rest or any other purposes, please look around and confirm that the area is safe without any risk of being hit by falling branches or rocks.

  6. Enjoy mountaineering on your own responsibility. Please ensure that you submit your plan for mountaineering to a police station in the area as well as to your family members, your friends or colleagues after checking out climate and other necessary information for mountaineering and fully being equipment. Please also fill in the Name List of Climbers and Visitors, which is placed at the mountain entrance.
    As for climbing mountains in Gifu-Pref., please ensure that you submit your notification for mountaineering to a police station after checking out climate and other necessary information for mountaineering and fully being equipment. (Submission of a mountain climbing notification is mandatory for climbing in the Northern Alps, Mt.Ontake and Mt. Yakedake areas of Gifu Prefecture by the ordinance for prevention of alpine accident in the Northern Alps and Active Volcanoes)
    Check avalanche risks before mountaineering or skiing in winter.NEWアイコン

  7. Do not enter forests under bad weather conditions.

  8. In order to prevent the spread of CSF through food residues, please make sure to take your garbage home with you.
    We are also taking measures such as removing trash bins.NEWアイコン

  9. Smoking is permitted only in special areas. Make sure to extinguish any fires, e.g. after smoking cigarettes.

  10. Mountain paths are potentially dangerous to walk. Do not use smartphone while walking. When taking photos, please remain fully aware of your surroundings and do not bother other visitors in any way.

  11. If you wish to use an unmanned aerial vehicle (drone), please contact the nearest Regional Forest Office or District Forest Office of national forest beforehand.


National Forest Multiple Use Promotion Office, National Forest Planning Division, National Forest Department, Forestry Agency