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Oginosen Recreation Forest
(Hatto Furusato-no-Mori)

Elevation Average : 650―720m / Highest : 930m

Enjoy bird-watching and relaxation with your family
at the foot of the magnificent Mount Oginosen

Enjoy bird-watching and relaxation with your family at the foot of the magnificent Mount Oginosen

Newest information
Please visit official tourism websites for the latest updates and information.
Kinki Chugoku
Autumn leaf viewing Waterfall viewing Birdwatching (some guided excursions are available for a fee) Areas for paddling/fishing (Fishing area / mountain stream) Hands-on experience of forestry and/or woodwork Making and installing nest boxes (charge applies)(no foreign language support available) Skiing (Ski resort) Includes surrounding area (charge applies)Mount Hyono(5 trails; longest trail length: 2,000 m) Treeing(tree climbing with ropes) (charge applies)(July–October)(no foreign language support available) Mushroom club(guided mushroom-gathering experience) (charge applies)(July–October)(no foreign language support available) Catching fish by hand (charge applies)(July/August)(no foreign language support available)
Geographical/topographical features
Mount Oginosen (elevation: 1309.97 m), from which this Recreation Forest takes its name, is located at the northern end of the Hyonosen-Ushiroyama-Nagisan Quasi-national Park and is one of the Kinki-Chugoku region’s main volcanoes. The summit affords views of central Tottori City, the Sea of Japan, and, in the distance, Mount Daisen.
Historical/cultural features
Easily visible from the west of the Tottori Plain, Mount Oginosen served as a navigational landmark. Translating as “Fan Mountain,” its name is derived from the mountain’s resemblance to an unfolded fan, with a gently curved ridge line that spreads out to the north and south from the summit.
Climate, flora and fauna
Buna, Japanese beech (Fagus crenata Blume) grow throughout the area, providing a noticeably soothing effect. Among the creatures for which the forest provides a habitat are large birds of prey such as inuwashi, Japanese golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos japonica) and kumataka, mountain hawk-eagle (Nisaetus nipalensis), and mammals such as nihonjika, sika deer (Cervus nippon) and tsukinowaguma, Asian black bear (Ursus thibetanus). Wild birds such as kawasemi, common kingfisher (Alcedo atthis); akashobin, ruddy kingfisher (Halcyon coromanda); and sekirei, wagtails (Motacilla) can also be observed here, offering a very real sense of the richness of this forest.
Footpaths have been laid in the forest, enabling visitors to stroll among the beech trees, observing the wild birds and savoring the therapeutic effects of relaxation. Enjoy the fresh verdure here in spring, take refuge from the heat in summer, and marvel at the vivid colors of the leaves in autumn.
Mountain climbing
The trailhead offering access to the summit of Mount Oginosen is located 2.5 km upstream of the Recreation Forest. The summit can be reached in about 1–2 hours from the trailhead. (Distance: about 2 km; elevation difference: about 400 m)
Used by as many as 25,000 people every year, this campsite is equipped with cabins, a campfire area, shower facilities, and a barbecue house. It is ideal for families and groups.
This is one of Tottori Prefecture’s foremost bird-watching sites.
Visitors can observe a variety of wild birds between spring and autumn, including ruddy kingfisher; bupposo, Oriental dollarbird (Eurystomus orientalis); and oruri, blue-and-white flycatcher (Cyanoptila cyanomelana).
Hatto Furusato-no-Mori offers various interactive seasonal programs from early summer through autumn.
Latest Information
Sightings of tsukinowaguma, Asian black bear (Ursus thibetanus) may be reported, so please pay attention to information published by local governments, etc.
Usage Guide
Entrance fee
Opening seasons and hours
Walking trail:Accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Administration Building:08: 30–17: 00, April 29 – November 30
Campsite:08: 30-17: 00, Late April-November
Accommodation options
Other than the tent site and cabins in the forest, there are accommodation facilities in Yazu-cho and along the Wakasa Railway. In addition, many accommodation facilities can be found in Tottori City and at Iwai Onsen.
Toilets and drinking fountains Walking trail Parking lot Observation platform Vending machine Shop (Outlet for direct sale of agricultural produce) Campsite and/or cabins
Megano, Yazu-cho, Yazu-gun, Tottori Prefecture
(Distances and times are provided as a guide only)
By public transport
<Access from nearest railway station / bus stop>
  • ・20 minutes by taxi from the Wakasa Railway's Tampi Station
<Access from major transport hubs to nearest railway station / bus stop>
  • ・JR Tottori Station (Wakasa Railway: 45 minutes) → Tampi Station
By car
  • ・Tottori City → Route 29 toward Hyogo Prefecture 50 minutes
  • ・Osaka → Chugoku Expressway Yamasaki IC → Route 29 toward Tottori City 2 hours 30 minutes
<Car parking capacity / parking charges>

space for 30 vehicles (free of charge)

Nearby tourist facilities
  • ・Hyounosen Ski Resort , Hyonosen Nature Museum – Hibikinomori (this museum has a huge diorama of local forests and a nature study area. Information about mountain climbing and local tourism is also available here.)
Management office contact details
Tottori District Forest Office
TEL : 0857-23-5411
Official Tourist Information
Hatto Furusato-no-Mori [External link]
Recreation Forest Management Committee
Hatto Furusato-no-Mori Management Committee
(Megano 1572, Yazu-cho, Yazu-gun, Tottori Prefecture)

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