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  • Mixed conifer-broadleaf forest and a pond
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  • Overlooking the Tatsuno city area from a footpath
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  • Tortoise Rock at the foot of Mt. Onaru
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  • Pond scenery blanketed in snow
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  • Relaxing footpath
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Takidani-Onaru-yama Recreation Forest


Elevation Lowest : 100m / Average : 100–520m / Highest : 520m

Youth adventure forest

Youth adventure forest

Newest information
Please visit official tourism websites for the latest updates and information.
Kinki Chugoku
Flower-viewing (cherry (Prunus)) (Includes surrounding area) Autumn leaf viewing (Includes surrounding area) Waterfall viewing (Outside the forest) Birdwatching (Includes surrounding area) Paddling / fishing / boating (pond / lake / river) (Includes surrounding area) Cycling (cycle path) (Outside the forest) Medium-long distance Trail (Includes surrounding area) : Kinki Nature Trail Shrine / Temple visit (Outside the forest)
Geographical/topographical features
This forest is located approximately 5 km to the northwest of central Tatsuno City. It is composed of gentle hills with an overall elevation difference of about 400 m.
Historical/cultural features
This area had been known as a natural stronghold from ancient times, and the Yamato Imperial Court ordered the construction of a fort here in the 7th century CE. The ruins of Kinoyama Castle can be found at the northwestern end of the Recreation Forest. A mountain castle was first built on the site during the Nara period (8th century CE) which was supplanted by a medieval mountain castle during the Muromachi period (around the mid-14th to late 16th centuries CE). In addition, an interior shrine of Isekisan Shrine, established more than 2000 years ago, stands adjacent to the Recreation Forest, to the northwest of the ruins of Kinoyama Castle.
Climate, flora and fauna
The climate is temperate, with a planted forest mainly consisting of Sugi (Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica)) and Hinoki (Japanese cypress (Chamaecyparis obtuse)) and a natural forest mainly consisting of Akamatsu, Japanese red pine (Pinus densiflora) and Konara (Quercus serrata) in nearly equal proportions.
The mixed forest contrasts beautifully with the ponds within it. In addition, the road that accesses the forest from the city area is closed at night, so campers can enjoy a quiet, peaceful environment. Hikers can also trek along the ridge line of the surrounding mountains along the Kinki Nature Trail that runs through the forest.
A web map guide using QR codes (matrix barcodes) on guide posts in the forest is currently undergoing testing.
The campsite (Tatsuno Campsite) in the Recreation Forest is exclusively for events, such as boy scout events and summer outdoor events, and is not available for use by the general public.
Latest Information
Information on temporarily unavailable facilities
The campsite by Onari Pond is currently scheduled to undergo renovation.
Regular events
"Summer Outdoor Event in Onari" held every August
Warnings (Flora and fauna)
Inoshishi (wild boar (Sus scrofa leucomystax)): If you see a boar, do not approach it.
Warnings (Dangerous areas)
Be careful not to get lost on the mountain trails.
Warnings (Other)
Mobile phone service is unavailable in some areas in the forest, regardless of the carrier.
Usage Guide
Entrance fee
Free of charge
Opening seasons and hours
Accessible 24 hours a day (However, the Municipal Road Shobu Dani Line is closed to traffic from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.)
Accommodation options
Accommodations are available in the Tatsuno city area.
Toilets and drinking fountains Footpath / walking trail / nature trail (Includes surrounding area) Bike trail (Outside the forest) Parking lot (Includes surrounding area) Shop (Outside the forest) Restaurant (Outside the forest) Campsite and/or cabins Accommodation facilities (Hotels/Japanese inns) (Outside the forest)
Nakagaichi, Issai Town, Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture
(Distances and times are provided as a guide only)
By public transport
<Access from nearest railway station / bus stop>
  • [Railway] JR Kishin Line Hon-Tatsuno Station → Taxi: about 13 km
<Access from major transport hubs to nearest railway station / bus stop>
  • [Railway] JR Himeji Station → (JR Kishin Line: 22 minutes) → Hon-Tatsuno Station
By car
  • About 20 minutes northwest from San-yo Expressway Tatsuno IC
<Car parking capacity / parking charges>

Free parking for about 4 ordinary passenger vehicles at the Recreation Forest, and free parking for about 15 vehicles adjacent to the national forest

Nearby tourist facilities
  • Shobu Dani Park
Management office contact details
Hyogo District Forest Office
Information on Other Local Tourist Attractions
Shobu Dani Park
Tatsuno Castle
Tatsuno Shrine
Official Tourist Information
Tatsuno City Official Website [External link]
Recreation Forest Management Committee

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