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  • Kayaking on Lake Shizenko
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  • Lake Shizenko
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  • Otaki Forest Railway, a remnant of the old Kiso Forest Railway network
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  • Natural forest of Kiso Hinoki (natural Hinoki (Japanese cypress (Chamaecyparis obtuse))
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  • Ontake Morikichi Auto Camping Site
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Takigoshi Recreation Forest


Elevation Lowest : 1,060m / Average : 1,060–1,420m / Highest : 1,420m

Overwhelming beauty ― Time stops and serenity surrounds you at Lake Shizenko, at the foot of Mt. Ontake ―

Overwhelming beauty ― Time stops and serenity surrounds you at Lake Shizenko, at the foot of Mt. Ontake ―

Newest information
Please visit official tourism websites for the latest updates and information.
Flower-viewing (Includes surrounding area) Autumn leaf viewing (Includes surrounding area) Waterfall viewing (Outside the forest) : Kiyotaki Falls / Shintaki Falls Birdwatching (Includes surrounding area) Picnics (lawn area/park) (Outside the forest) : Nakayoshi Park Paddling / fishing / boating / Canoeing (pond / lake / river) (Includes surrounding area) Forest therapy (therapy center) (Includes surrounding area) Hot Spring (Outside the forest) : Otakinoyu Spa Ontake 2240 Ski Area (no. of trails: 8) (Outside the forest) Mt. Kohide trekking (Outside the forest) Forest railway (Outside the forest) : On display in the Suikoen Park (Rides not available) Ruins of iron bridges and forest railway tracks (Outside the forest) Shrine / Temple visit (Outside the forest) : Ontake Shrine
Geographical/topographical features
The forest is located around the Otakigawa Dam built in the Otaki River. It has a diverse topography, ranging from flat areas to steep slopes.
During the Western Nagano Prefecture Earthquake, mudflow caused by a sector collapse of Mt. Ontake entered the Otaki River, and dammed it. As a result, the forest in the deep valley was inundated, and Lake Shizenko was formed.
Historical/cultural features
In the railway network of the Kiso Forest Railway, the Otaki Forest Railway was strongly connected to and much loved by the local people as a railway that not only carried Kiso Hinoki (natural Hinoki (Japanese cypress (Chamaecyparis obtuse)) grown in the Kiso and Urakiso regions), but also supported the lives of villagers and served as an important lifeline for the community. In Matsubara Sports Park, a group of forest railway enthusiasts is working to preserve repaired train cars and railway tracks. Also, there are remains of a station in the Takigoshi area, which evoke memories of the days when the forest railway was operating.
Climate, flora and fauna
The forest lies in mountain highlands. It consists of a natural forest of mainly Kiso Hinoki and Sawara (sawara cypress (Chamaecyparis pisifera)), a planted forest of Japanese cypress and Karamatsu (Japanese larch (Larix kaempferi)), and a forest of broad-leaved trees, which have grown in a cool and rainy climate. You can take a therapeutic walk through the forest, which entertains with its vivid colors of the leaves budding in the spring and changing colors in autumn.
The forest is known as a site for enjoying beautiful greenery and abundant water, fishing and canoeing, visiting the remains of the forest railway, and photography. There is overwhelming beauty in the great nature that changes its expression by season, and good-old rustic scenery that seems to be unaffected by time. The babbling of the river and the chirping of wild birds make you forget bustling everyday life, slow down, and relax.
Latest Information
Regular events
Around May: Self-Discovery Adventure in Otaki (Cross Mountain Bike 100 km / 42 km / 20 km)
Around July: OSJ ONTAKE100 (Trail Running 100 km, 100 miles)
Around September: Self-Discovery Adventure in Otaki (Cross Mountain Bike 120 km / 100 km / 42 km)
Around September: OSJ Otaki Dirt Marathon (Trail Running 100 km, 100 miles)
The days on which Suikoen Park is open differ by season, so please check in advance.
Usage Guide
Entrance fee
Free of charge
Opening seasons and hours
Suikoen park (late April through early November), Ontake Morikichi Auto Camping Site (late April through early November), Lake Shizenko (365 days a year) Be careful of driving in winter due to accumulated snow.
Staffed facilities such as administration buildings
Suikoen park (TEL : 0264-48-2245)
Ontake Morikichi Auto Camping Site (TEL : 080-2382-1569)
Accommodation options
[Inside the forest] Auto camping site
[Outside the forest] Guest houses and Japanese inns (about 3 km / about 20 minutes by car)
Toilets and drinking fountains (Includes surrounding area) : Forest / Suikoen Park / village Footpath / walking trail / nature trail Parking lot (Includes surrounding area) : Forest / Suikoen Park / along the Shirakawa River Vending machine (Outside the forest) Shop (Outside the forest) : Outaki Sight-Seeing Office Restaurant (Outside the forest) : Suikoen Park / Otaki Restaurant Campsite and/or cabins (Includes surrounding area) Free public wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) (Outside the forest) : Suikoen Park / Outaki Sight-Seeing Office Mt. Ontake Resource Center (Outside the forest) Accommodation facilities (Hotels/Japanese inns) (Outside the forest) 2 locations nearby
Takigoshi, Otaki Village, Kiso County, Nagano Prefecture
(Distances and times are provided as a guide only)
By car
  • Shgiojiri IC → (public road: about 140 minutes (about 75 km)) → Takigoshi Recreation Forest
  • Ina IC → (public road: about 120 minutes (about 65 km)) → Takigoshi Recreation Forest
  • Nakatsugawa IC → (public road: about 145 minutes (about 85 km)) → Takigoshi Recreation Forest
<Car parking capacity / parking charges>

Free parking for 20 vehicles

Nearby tourist facilities
  • (Summer) Tanohara Nature Park: 90 minutes by car
  • (Winter) Ontake 2240 Ski Area: 80 minutes by car
Management office contact details
Kiso District Forest Office
Information on Other Local Tourist Attractions
Kisodani Trip [External link]
Official Tourist Information
Outaki Sight-Seeing Office [External link]
Recreation Forest Management Committee

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