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  • Early summer verdure in the Akasai Valley
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  • Mystic Akasai Valley
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  • Forest railway
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  • Autumn in the Akasai Valley
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  • Forest therapy
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  • Fresh green foliage at Harafudo Falls
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  • Remains of a forest railway
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Akasai Recreation Forest


Elevation Lowest: 610 m / Average: 610–900 m / Highest: 900 m

Explore the lush countryside and breathe in the forest air

Explore the lush countryside and breathe in the forest air

Newest information
Please visit tourism website for the latest updates and information.
Kinki Chugoku
Flower-viewing(Cherry (Prunus))(Includes surrounding area) Autumn leaf viewing (Includes surrounding area) Waterfall viewing (Outside the forest) (Payment required for use of facilities and participation in activities) Birdwatching (Includes surrounding area) Paddling / fishing / boating (pond / lake / river) (Outside the forest) Canyoning (River trekking) (Outside the forest) Forest therapy (therapy center) (Outside the forest) (Payment required for use of facilities and participation in activities) Ski resort (no. of trails: 3) (Outside the forest) Forest railway remains : Model railroads are displayed.(observation only) Shrine / Temple (Outside the forest) (Payment required in some cases)
Geographical/topographical features
The Recreation Forest is located in a mountainous area at an elevation of 480―880 m in northern Shiso City at the border between Hyogo and Tottori Prefectures. The area along the forest road is mildly sloped, but the slope becomes steeper as the elevation increases.
The Akasai Valley has been selected as one of the Top 100 Water Resource Forests and one of the Top 100 Forests in Hyogo, and brings natural benefits to the area as Shiso City's water source.
Historical/cultural features
Shiso City has historically thrived on forestry and its forest products industry is still very active today. In 1924, a vast lumberyard more than 2 ha in size was established to the south of the Akasai National Forest.
The Akasai Forest Road, which traverses the Recreation Forest from east to west, was built following the route of an old forest railway track constructed in the early 20th century to transport lumber from the national forest.
Climate, flora and fauna
The Akasai Recreation Forest is located at a high elevation, so it has a cool climate and sometimes sees snow accumulation in the winter. The vegetation includes conifers such as Sugi (Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica)), Hinoki (Japanese cypress (Chamaecyparis obtuse)) and Tsuga (Japanese hemlock (Tsuga sieboldii)), as well as natural broad-leaved trees more than 150 years old such as Mizunara (Japanese oak mizu-nara (Quercus crispula Blume)), Keyaki (zelkova (Zelkova serrata)), Kaede (maple (Acer)) and Buna (Japanese beech (Fagus crenata Blume)).
In the autumn leaves season, visitors can enjoy various expressions of the forest in the crisp air, formed by a combination of red and yellow foliage, green conifers and limpid streams, with fallen leaves coloring the streams red toward the end of the season.
The Akasai Forest Road offers views of the clear waters of the Akasai River and green, yellow and red leaves standing out against the stream.
The forest is known by word of mouth as a hidden autumn leaves photo spot, and it attracts a large number of visitors from urban areas. The forest road is partly covered in gravel, but flat, making it advisable to visit by car. If you pass through the Recreation Forest and proceed further down the Akasai Forest Road, you come to the "Akasai Therapy Road," which has been approved as a road appropriate for forest therapy. This Therapy Road is easy to walk along as it uses a part of the forest road. Anyone can take a tour guided by a Therapy Guide and experience a special feeling of oneness with the forest.
Why not sharpen your five senses in the forest, and refresh yourself in one of Hyogo's 50 forests selected as appropriate for therapeutic walks? (Contact: Shiso Tourism Association TEL: 0790-64-0923)
A web map guide using QR codes (matrix barcodes) on guide posts in the forest is currently undergoing testing.
Latest Information
Information on temporarily unavailable facilities
Traffic regulations are imposed on the forest road when trees are felled nearby.
Warnings (Flora and fauna)
Please watch out for Nihonjika (shika deer (Cervus nippon)) as well as Tsukinowaguma (Asian black bear (Ursus thibetanus)) and Mamushi (Japanese pit viper (Gloydius blomhoffii)).
Mobile phone service is unavailable regardless of the carrier.
Usage Guide
Entrance fee
Operating hours and seasons
Accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. (cannot be used during the snow season and when traffic regulations are imposed on the forest road)
Accommodation options
[Outside the forest]
- Harafudodaki Campsite
(reservation required; 26 sites; operates from April through December; charges apply) Please see the website below for details [External link].
Toilets and drinking fountains Bike trail (Outside the forest) Parking lot Shop (Outside the forest) Restaurant (Outside the forest) Campsite and/or cabins (Outside the forest) (Payment required in some cases) Accommodation facilities (Hotels/Japanese inns) (Outside the forest) Hot Spring (Outside the forest) (Payment required for use of facilities and participation in activities)
Hagachohara, Shiso City, Hyogo Prefecture
(Distances and times are provided as a guide only)

【Parking lot capacity / parking charges】
  • There is no individual parking lot, but there is free parking space for about 6 ordinary vehicles.
Nearby tourism facilities
  • - Harafudo Falls (6 minutes by car)
    A beautiful waterfall surrounded by a primeval forest of Buna (Japanese beech (Fagus crenata Blume)) and Momi (fir (Abies firma)), where a limpid stream cascades down a three-level rock face. It has been selected as one of Japan's 100 best waterfalls. (Entrance fee: Adults 200 yen / Children 100 yen)
  • - Roadside Rest Area "Haga" (6 minutes by car)
    Menu items featuring Shiso Beef―which has been certified as a Shiso-brand product―Japanese yam and aged Haga miso are particularly popular. The Forest Information Center established on the premises provides tourist information and information on hiking routes on the 50 Famous Shiso Mountains.
    Contact: TEL: 0790-75-3711 Closed on Thursdays and during the New Year's holiday period
Management office contact details
Hyogo District Forest Office
Information on Other Local Tourist Attractions
Shiso Tourism Guide [External link]
Official Tourist Information
Shiso City Office [External link]
Recreation Forest Management Committee

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