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  • Autumn foliage in the Kuragari Gorge
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  • Sarutobi Rock
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  • Fudo Falls
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  • New leaves in the gorge
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  • Trout fishing in the gorge
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Kuragari Recreation Forest (Kuragari Gorge)


Elevation Lowest : 246m / Average : 250–550m / Highest : 780m (Mt. Hongu: 789m)

The varied seasonal beauty of the gorge enthralls visitors

― Relax in the forest by fishing, camping and hiking ―

The varied seasonal beauty of the gorge enthralls visitors

― Relax in the forest by fishing, camping and hiking ―

Newest information
Please visit official tourism websites for the latest updates and information.
movie.jpg  Drone Footage
Flower-viewing (species: Teikakazura (Trachelospermum asiaticum (Siebold et Zucc.) Nakai), Ginran (Cephalanthera erecta (Thunb.) Blume var. erecta), etc.) Autumn leaf viewing Waterfall viewing : Fudo Falls, Maboroshi Falls Fishing : Operating hours: 9: 00 a.m.–5: 00 p.m. (Payment required for use of facilities and participation in activities)
Geographical/topographical features
The Kuragari Gorge is located about 26 km to the east of the Okazaki city area, in the southwestern part of Mt. Hongu Prefectural Natural Park.
As the name Ishihara (literally, stone field) suggests, the area is rocky. There is a natural forest with a mix of broad-leaved trees and conifers. A limpid stream that winds through the forest forms various rapids and waterfalls big and small. The varied rocks and the beautiful forest blend wonderfully, creating a beautiful natural setting.
Eight scenic spots called the "Kuragari Hakkei" are found along the gorge, including the Fudo Falls, the Sarutobi Rock and the cedar forest of Iwane.
Climate, flora and fauna
In the spring, wild birds sing amid vivid, fresh green foliage, while in summer, Kajika Gaeru (Kajika frogs (Buergeria buergeri)) croak by the cool, clear stream. In the autumn, maple (Acer) and Kunugi (sawtooth oak (Quercus acutissima)) tint the gorge red and yellow, and in winter, at the end of the hiking trail along the gorge, the summit of Mt. Hongu offers a panoramic view of the Minami Alps and Mikawa Bay.
Wild flowers such as Teikakazura (Trachelospermum asiaticum (Siebold et Zucc.) Nakai) and Ginran (Cephalanthera erecta (Thunb.) Blume var. erecta) bloom throughout the year. The forest is noted for the diversity of its attractions and the ever-changing seasonal beauty of the gorge.
The forest is popular as a pleasant out-of-the-way spot for various outdoor activities. Facilities include a tent village, cottages, a log cabin and a barbecue site that is also available for day use.
Trout fishing and trout grabbing in the gorge can be enjoyed by dozens of visitors at a time, and is appropriate for group or company events.
Latest Information
Regular events
Kuragari Gorge Autumn Leaves Festival (mid-November to early December)
Kuragari Thanksgiving Festival (a Sunday in late November)
Warnings (Dangerous areas)
Areas near the summit may freeze during the winter. Do not enter these areas without proper equipment.
Warnings (Other)
Pets are not allowed in the forest.
Use of the barbecue site and the bungalow, etc. will be stopped if a weather warning is issued.
Usage Guide
Entrance fee
No fee is required for the Recreation Forest itself, but fees are required to use some facilities, such as the barbecue site . Please check the website, etc. for details on the rental of goods and usage fees for facilities.
Opening seasons and hours
Accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for hiking. However, courses near the summit may freeze during the winter. Pets are not allowed in the forest.
Staffed facilities such as administration buildings
Kuragari Camp Center : 9: 00 a.m.–5: 00 p.m., 365 days a year
Accommodation options
3 cottages are available throughout the year, and 1 bungalow and 1 mini log cabin are available only during the summer season (from April 28 to October 30). Check-in time is 3: 00 p.m. and check-out time is 10: 00 a.m. Staff is only present 9: 00 a.m.–5: 00 p.m.
Toilets (2 locations) (Includes surrounding area) Kuragari Hiking Course (90 minutes on foot each way) Parking lot (2 locations) Vending machine (Outside the forest) Shop (Outside the forest) Restaurant (Outside the forest) Campsite and/or cabins (4 locations) (Payment required for use of facilities and participation in activities) Cultural asset (nationally designated) (Outside the forest) : Butsu-den (Buddha hall) and temple gate of Ten-onji Temple
Kuragari, Ishihara Town, Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture
(Distances and times are provided as a guide only)
By public transport
<Access from nearest railway station / bus stop>
  • Meitetsu Bus Kuragari Keikoku (Kuragari Gorge) bus stop → 1 minute on foot (about 0.1 km)
<Access from major transport hubs to nearest railway station / bus stop>
  • Meistestu Nagoya Station → (Meitetsu Nagoya Line: about 55 minutes) → Motojuku Station → (Meitetsu Bus: 35 minutes) → get off at the Kuragari Keikoku (Kuragari Gorge) bus stop
By car
  • Nagoya Station → (Shin-Tomei Expressway: 30 minutes) → Okazaki-Higashi IC → (public road: 20 minutes) → Kuragari Recreation Forest
<Car parking capacity / parking charges>

Free parking for 300 vehicles

Nearby tourist facilities
  • "Wan Park" Okazaki City Children's Outdoor Adventure Playground: 10 minutes by car
Management office contact details
Aichi Forest Administration Office
Information on Other Local Tourist Attractions
Official Tourist Information
Okazaki City Aichi Prefecture Official Tourism Website "Okazaki Navi" [External link]
Recreation Forest Management Committee
Tourism Promotion Division, Okazaki Municipal Office
Kuragari Camp Center

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