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  • Skiing amid spectacular scenery
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  • Superb view of the Kyushu Mountains and the sea of clouds from the ski slope
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  • Hikers appreciating the autumn foliage on the Kiritachigoe route
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  • Frost-covered trees on Mt. Mukozaka; a rare sight in Kyushu
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  • Vast panorama from the ski area
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  • Blue and white contrast on Mt. Mukozaka
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  • View of Shiroiwaganpo (Mt. Shiroiwa summit) in the summer
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Mukozaka-yama (Mt. Mukozaka) Recreation Forest


Elevation Lowest : 1,422m / Highest : 1,612m

Japan's southernmost ski area with natural snow

Japan's southernmost ski area with natural snow

Newest information
Please visit official tourism websites for the latest updates and information.
Hot Spring (Outside the forest) Ski area (no. of trails: 2) Kyushu Sekiryo Sanmyaku Trail Run (Outside the forest)
Geographical/topographical features
The Gokase Highland Ski & Snowboard is located in the mountains at the border between northwestern Miyazaki Prefecture and Kumamoto prefecture known as the Kyushu Highlands. The ski area is near the summit of Mt. Mukozaka which has an elevation of about 1,600 m. Visitors can enjoy a superb panoramic view of the Kyushu Central Mountains including sacred Mt. Kunimi and graceful Mt. Ichifusa, and on clear days, even the Kyushu Mountains such as the Five Peaks of Mt. Aso and the Kuju Mountain Range.
Historical/cultural features
Some historic sites remain near the ski area. For example, there is a path trodden by the Taira Clan when they lost in the Battle of Dannoura and fled from Kuraoka through the Kiritachigoe route to Shiiba Village in Miyazaki Prefecture in the late 12th century, and a path through which the Satsuma Army which lost in the Battle of Tabaruzaka in Japan's oldest civil war, the Satsuma Rebellion, fled to Hitoyoshi in Kumamoto Prefecture with Saigo Takamori in the late 19th century.
Climate, flora and fauna
The annual average temperature is about 12.7°C, and the annual precipitation is about 2,400 mm. The surrounding forests consist of warm temperate evergreen broad-leaved trees as well as deciduous broad-leaved trees such as Buna (Japanese beech (Fagus crenata Blume)) and Mizunara (Japanese oak mizu-nara (Quercus crispula Blume)) and conifers such as Momi (fir (Abies firma)) and Tsuga (Japanese hemlock (Tsuga sieboldii)), and a variety of vegetation can be found according to the elevation.
Japan's southernmost ski area in tropical Miyazaki Prefecture is located on the northern slope of Mt. Mukozaka with an elevation exceeding 1,600 m. It offers two trails: the Paradise Course that has the longest skiing distance of 1,000 m and an elevation difference of 190 m; and the challenging Dynamic Course with a maximum slope angle of 30°. The varied course layout is ideal for all skiers from beginners to experts to enjoy relaxed cruising or hard training.
The ski area is situated at a perfect location where you can have the magnificent panorama of the Five Peaks of Mt. Aso and the Kuju Mountain Range as well as the Kyushu Central Mountains such as Mt. Sobo and Mt. Katamuki all to yourself on a clear day. The sight of the vast sea of clouds early in the morning is sure to inspire your heart.
Latest Information
Information on temporarily unavailable facilities
Closed outside the ski season
Regular events
Ski area opening event (December), Christmas event (December), Ski Day event (January), Valentine's Day event (February), Kyushu Sekiryo Sanmyaku Trail Run in Gokase (September)
Warnings (Flora and fauna)
Due to a large number of Shika (deer (Cervus nippon)) in the area, caution is required against Dani (ticks (Acari)).
Warnings (Dangerous areas)
Vehicles are sometimes required to use chains in the winter due to road surface freezing.
Usage Guide
Entrance fee
Lift tickets
One-day all-lift pass : 2,800 yen (weekday) / 3,300 yen (Saturday, Sunday, holiday)
4-hour all-lift pass : 2,400 yen (weekday) / 2,800 yen (Saturday, Sunday, holiday)
Entrance lift ticket : 500 yen (weekday) / 500 yen (Saturday, Sunday, holiday)
Ski lift pass : 2,000 yen (weekday) / 2,000 yen (Saturday, Sunday, holiday)
Ski lift single ticket : 200 yen (weekday) / 200 yen (Saturday, Sunday, holiday)
One-day all-lift pass : 4,000 yen (weekday) / 5,000 yen (Saturday, Sunday, holiday)
4-hour all-lift pass : 3,400 yen (weekday) / 4,200 yen (Saturday, Sunday, holiday)
Entrance lift ticket : 1,000 yen (weekday) / 1,000 yen (Saturday, Sunday, holiday)
Ski lift pass 2,500 yen (weekday) / 2,500 yen (Saturday, Sunday, holiday)
Ski lift single ticket : 250 yen (weekday) / 250 yen (Saturday, Sunday, holiday)
Child: 3 years old to elementary school student
The one-day all-lift pass and the 4-hour all-lift pass include the entrance lift fee.
Please also buy an entrance lift ticket if using a single ticket or coupon tickets.
The holiday rates apply from December 31 through January 3.
Opening seasons and hours
8: 00 a.m. – 4: 30 p.m. during the winter season (mid-December through early March)
The forest is closed outside the season.
Accommodation options
2 hotels, 3 Japanese inns, 5 guest houses, 8 farmhouse accommodation facilities, 2 budget accommodation facilities
Toilets (Includes surrounding area) : 2 locations Parking lot (Outside the forest) : 1 location (private land) Vending machine Shop : 2 locations Restaurant (Includes surrounding area) Historical site (Outside the forest) : Path of fleeing Heike warriors, Land of fleeing Saigo's army Accommodation facilities (Hotels/Japanese inns) (Outside the forest)
4647-171 Kuraoka, Gokase Town, Nishi-Usuki County, Miyazaki Prefecture
(Distances and times are provided as a guide only)
By public transport
<Access from nearest railway station / bus stop>
  • About 80 minutes by car (85 km) from JR Nippo Main Line Nobeoka Station
  • There are also nonstop buses from Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Miyazaki, and Kagoshima
By car
  • From Miyazaki City, Higashi-kyushu Expressway → (public road: about 150 minutes) → Mukozaka-yama (Mt. Mukozaka) Recreation Forest
  • From Fukuoka City, Kyushu Expressway → (public road: about 140 minutes) → Mukozaka-yama (Mt. Mukozaka) Recreation Forest
  • From Kumamoto City → (public road: about 90 minutes) → Mukozaka-yama (Mt. Mukozaka) Recreation Forest
<Car parking capacity / parking charges>

Motoyashiki Parking Lot: free parking available for 300 vehicles, Parking Center: free parking available for 300 vehicles

Nearby tourist facilities
  • Gokase Winery: 50 minutes by car, Gokase Hot Spring Kijiya: 45 minutes by car
  • Local Specialty Product Center Gokase, Gokase-no-Sato Camp Village: 30 minutes by car
Management office contact details
Miyazaki Hokubu District Forest Office
Information on Other Local Tourist Attractions
Gokase Winery [External link]
Gokase Hot Spring Kijiya [External link]
Official Tourist Information
Gokase Tourism Association [External link]
Recreation Forest Management Committee
Gokase Town Forest Multiple Use Area Management Committee
Planning Division, Gokase Municipal Office

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