1. Forestry-related Fundamental Indicators

Forestry-related Fundamental Indicators


1 Cabinet Office gSNA (System of Natural Accounts)h

2 Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications gLabor Force Surveyh

3 Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries gWorld Census of Agriculture and Forestryh

4 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport gNational Area Survey Based on Prefecture and Municipalitiesh

5, 6 and 7 Forestry Agency

8 gLumber Supply and Demand Charth

9 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport gStatistics on Construction of New Homesh

Note: 1) gForest ownersh in 3 refers to the number of owners whose forest land area is 1 ha or larger.
2) gProtection forest areah in 6 refers to the actual area measurement.
3) gWood (industrial wood) consumptionh and gWood (industrial wood) importh in 8 refer to the volume in log-equivalent.

2. Current State of Forest Resources

Current State of Forest Resources


Forestry Agency


1)Data cover the forests defined in the Forest Law Article 2.1.

2)gTreeless areah refers to cutover areas and unplanted areas.

3)The areas that are facing difficulty in regeneration are included in the natural forest.

4)gOthersh refer to the forests that are not subject to the Regional Forest Plan for Non-national Forest under the Forest
Law Article 5 or the Regional Forest Management Plan for National Forests under the Forest Law Article 7.2.

5)The figures for the total may not agree with the sum of each item due to the rounding-off in calculation.

6)Figures are as of March 31, 2002.

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